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 "Five Fundamental Golf Lessons" by Joe Park

Thank you for visiting my website.  I have been teaching and studying the golf swing for many years. I want to share my belief of what is most important to incorporate into each part of your golf swing.  To become a better ball striker, view my highlights on the Grip, Stance and Posture, Backswing, Downswing, and Impact. 
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1-The Grip:

"Thanks for this tip on the grip. I was never able to draw the ball and now its so easy." Tony S.
"I love your grip tip, I'm hitting the ball 20 yards farther...." John L.

2-Stance and Posture:

"Seeing my swing on video, I was able to really see how my posture really affected
my whole swing. I'm much more consistent and my back feels better." Dave F.


"A good backswing will make your downswing more repeatable." Joe P.

4-The Downswing: Coming Soon.

5-Impact: Coming Soon.

One Golf Swing For All Your Clubs-
Whenever I give a golf lesson, I like to start with the 7 iron or the wedge to make the necessary swing changes. The 7iron because its a medium length club in the set which will give the player enough challenge without getting too long. The wedge to make chip shots focusing on impact with shorter swings. If you can't get proper impact positions with a shorter club and shorter swing there's no way you'll get it with a long club and a full swing. The full swing is just an extension of your short swing. The question I get after the lesson is "Do I do the same swing for all my golf clubs?" The answer is yes. Each club goes a different distance due to the length and loft of the club. The swing does not change. The video below of Jack Nicklaus does a great job of explaining this visually.


Understanding Low-point
When looking at the Geometry of the Circle Diagram, you will see that a properly executed swing will have the 'low point' opposite of the golfer's left shoulder. That means that if the swing is properly executed, the clubhead will reached it's lowest point at a spot that is opposite of the golfer's left shoulder. Placing the ball inside the left shoulder before low-point  you will hit the ball FIRST ---- THEN take a divot. The divot should be IN FRONT of where the ball used to be. In order to do this, the clubhead on the downswing comes down at the ball with a descending angle of attack. We swing Down because the ball is on the ground. Out because the ball is out in front of us. After low-point the clubhead goes up and in to stay on plane.

The Drivers ball position
Now, when it comes to the driver it's a bit different. In order to optimize distance with a driver a golfer needs to hit slightly upward on the ball. The ball position needs to move one ball further up in their stance. Itís really important to tee it up at least 1/2 inch above the top of the driver. You want to tee it up high and catch it slightly on the up swing which is just after low-point. The ball will go higher and straighter. This will guarantee you hit a really long tee ball with a square to closing clubface.


How to grip the golf club-
The grip in your left hand, you should be able to see 2-3 knuckles and the "V" formed by your left thumb and forefinger should point to your right shoulder. With the right hand "V" formed by your right thumb and forefinger should also point to the right shoulder. This makes your hands work together properly.  Make sure there's no gap between the thumb and forefingers as well. To get this no gap feel hold a tee between the thumb and forefinger.

The heel pad of the left hand must be on top the the end of the club like the photo below. This allows the the cocking and un-cocking of the left wrist to happen which is very important for club head speed. Having the heel pad on top makes the club feel lighter and you will be able to control the club head thought the swing. To test the grip you can balance the club between the two points, the heel pad and the forefinger like the photo below.

Long Left thumb or short left?
If your backswing goes past parallel or is too long it could be because of a long left thumb. A shorter left thumb will give you a shorter more compact backswing. How many golfers on Tour with a short backswing hits it short? To prove my point look at JB Holmes backswing. Short of parallel and longest hitter on Tour. 318.4 yards is his average.

Width at the top of your backswing
When you finish your backswing your hands should be away from your right ear as much as possible. Even though you want your left arm to be straight its the right arms job to create the width at the top of your backswing. This will help you from casting and get you more speed with less effort. A drill to feel the width would be to make a  right arm only back swing to the top and then place your left hand back on the club. For most golfers you'll be lucky to reach it with the left arm.

Fairway Bunker secrets
When you address the ball dig your feet in for stability and to test the firmness of the sand. Now that your dug in your also now about an inch or so lower than the ball. This will help you contact the ball first then the sand during your downswing. Any attempt to swing up and help the ball will result in a fat shot behind the ball. Last thing take one or more club and make a three quarter swing. This will help with your balance and the extra club will get you back to your normal distance your trying to hit.


Bunker shot with an uphill lie
First decide if you want it to go high and stop or go lower and roll more, so really it depends on how far away the pin is. The clubface more open means you'll have to swing harder because it will go higher and stop quicker and with a square face not as hard because it will roll more. The key is to get your body / shoulders matching the slope. Put the ball position more forward than normal, then you need to tilt your shoulders to match the uphill and swing into the slope.

Practice for more Swing Speed
How many times I hear "When I slowed down my swing I hit a lot better." You may hit it more square because by slowing down your swing you have more time compensate all your swing flaws but slow means a loss of clubhead speed and loss of clubhead speed means loss of distance. To score well you must drive the ball as far as you can and try to have the shortest club you can on your approach. The key is to increase your golf swing speed. Every 1 mph of increased golf swing speed translates into about 2.5 yards of distance. Increase your swing speed and youíll increase your distance. Thatís guaranteed. It does not matter how old you are, or what your current skill level is.


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