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Hello Joe,
thank you very much for all the help you have been giving me on my golf swing and short game.
I must say that I have had many lessons over the years with some of the top pros in the country but no one has helped me as much as you have. You are the first person who has been able to clearly explain the hand and arm action needed for solid impact. During my practice sessions you explained to me that proper hand and arm action causes the body to react correctly during the golf swing, not the other way around. You very quickly identified the problem areas of my swing and clearly explained how to fix and simplify my swing. I didn’t realize it at the time, but over the last several months we have improved my grip, on-plane club movement, address and ball position, square club face setup, wrist cock, arm action and fold, hand pressure throughout the swing and how it affects club plane and release, club face angle approaching impact, follow through action needed for draw or fade, and shaft direction throughout the swing. You also had me get my clubs checked, and I found out that they were set too upright.  Some were even the wrong length!

Thanks again for all of your help.  I am excited to take my new game to the course this spring!

Sincerely, D. Bird

I have tried to improve at golf for decades. I have taken numerous lessons, read books, watched videos and bought lots of new equipment. Nothing changed. I hit weak fades and scored well only when my short game was clicking.

Then, I met Joe Park. He explained the science of the golf stroke. It was a simple guide to hit the ball at your target. Anyone can hit the ball in the air and straight at the target. It's science and it’s not rocket science.

Do you think golf is too tough? Does your new driver slice or hook just like last year’s model? End the frustration and save money with just three words, “Call Joe Park!”
Tom P.- Attorney / Judge


  I rarely give testimonials but will gladly give this one. I only hope it reveals the gratitude I have for your golf coaching skills. Since I started late in life (age 60) to begin golf; achieving any skill at this game always seemed to elude me. I was never able to make solid contact or develop any power when hitting my shots. I can not thank you enough for teaching me exactly how to hit a proper golf shot. I can now play golf with anyone and feel that the group will not have to slow their play or dampen their golf enjoyment. I look forward to continue our sessions. I am scoring low 90's currently and feel can get into mid 80's with your help.
Dr. Gene S.M.D.

I was watching TV and the Pro’s were hitting on the practice range just before the Masters began. The cameras were panning and the announcers were pointing out the various Pro’s AND their swing coaches. It was then that I realized that if the best players in the world rely on swing coaches, how can I expect to get any better on my own?? I had gone to Country Air in March prior to taking an annual trip to Palm Desert, CA at the suggestion of a friend merely to be able to hit outdoors and watch the full flight of the ball. Before I went there, I was scrolling through the Country Air website and came across Joe Park’s instruction page. Impressed with the testimonials, his years of experience, and free on line tips, I decided it was it was time to sign up. I spent two fun hours (one each on separate days) with Joe and honestly got about 2 weeks worth of information. He is a master of the golf swing. Forget about everything you’ve read or heard. He’ll break it down and put it all back together again in a fundamental yet practical manner that anyone can understand. He provided basic, practical drills that reinforced the areas of my swing that need improvement. I saw improvement after the first lesson and even more at the end of the second. It was the best thing I’ve ever done to improve the way I strike the ball! I went from a slight fader to moderate draw and gained valuable distance as a result. Don’t waste your time trying to teach yourself, no matter how good you think you are. Go see Joe. It’s time and money well spent.
Rob M.- 3M

Thanks for the video of my swing Joe. I am 61 years of age, and for the first time working with someone getting a lesson, the light bulb in my head finally went on. I am very athletic, and have been able to shoot low to mid 80's by compensating for my swing. But now, after only 1 and a half lessons with you, I finally understand how to hit a golf ball. Thank you Joe.
Bob K.

To Joe Park and Potential Students,
Joe, thank you for the very helpful lessons during the summer. For years I have struggled with my high handicap golf game. With your great coaching advice, I have been able to reduce my scores by 16+ strokes and made golf so much more enjoyable! Thanks for your help and patience. With appreciation,
John G.- Another Joe Park Satisfied Student -

Dear Joe,
Just wanted to thank you for helping me become a better scoring golfer. I have enjoyed golf for many years as a recreational player. A high handicapper who gave not much thought to equipment and swing technique. But I wanted to improve my scoring and therefore enhance my golf outings. And that was accomplished by getting a lesson and my swing analyzed and then custom fitted through Mizuno's performance fitting system. With my new "fitted to my swing"JPX-800 irons I have felt and seen the difference in my game. I have longer distance, more control, and better feel with great ball flight and trajectory. This first full summer with these fitted irons I have averaged 7 to 9 strokes better. Thank you soo much. I highly recommend a visit to Joe Park and get fitted through Mizuno's performance fitting system. .Your game will greatly improve. I cant wait till next summer!  Thanks again

Thanks Joe,
After one lesson I played the best 3 rounds of my life. Thanks again,
Scott M. -P.S. Call Joe Park

First, I have to say, I’ve been going to County Air due to convenience, and I have always felt very welcomed, as have my kids.  Joe’s family is wonderful!  I was talking with Joe and his wife Nicole one afternoon, after Joe had watched me hit a few balls, and he said he could change my game for me.  I decided to go for it, hesitantly, I’ll add.  I’ve had lessons in the past, and none of them offered an ‘epiphany’ for me…a real game changing lesson I had never experienced.  I spent just short of two hours with Joe, and it’s changed my game completely.  His approach is somewhat scientific, somewhat mechanical, and easily understood, as he treats you like a student…he wanted to make sure I was understanding what and why.  It was a great experience and I can’t tell you how much I’d advise a lesson from Mr. Park…you’ll leave refreshed that there is actually HOPE!  Thanks Joe and Nicole! 
Patrick A.- Woodbury, MN

Time to correct bad fundamentals early.
I just spent one of the best times of my golf life today with a lesson from Joe. Who would have thought that a golf lesson could be so helpful and fun too. What I walked away with afterwards was more confidence in my ability to play better golf....Thanks Joe.
Dr. John D., MD Afton, MN

I am a self-made single digit handicapper. I have never had formal lessons from any licensed professional in 16 years of play. I have relied on my dad, television programs, and golf magazines to help hone my golf swing. Then I decided to get a lesson from Joe Park. I went into the session with an open mind, hoping that Joe's years of teaching and golf knowledge would reveal an idea that would help take me to the next level in my golf game. I consistently shoot in the 70's and have become bored with my scores and wanting to get into the 60's. I knew that practicing what I already knew would not get me there. The lesson with Joe was exactly what I needed. Joe showed me things about the golf swing that I had never heard or seen. He simplified very complex components of the golf swing and tailored the lesson to my natural abilities. With Joe's teaching I am progressing to be more consistent with my ball striking and more confident in my game all together. I truly feel that this will be my best season yet, and that I will break into the 60's because Joe Park.

Michael F. / Handicap +2.2

Woodbury MN


I've been frustrated by the game of golf for years. Joe has made all the difference. He taught me how to consistently hit my irons and my woods in a way that I'd never thought possible. He has a wonderful gift for teaching.
I can't wait to bring my son up this summer----and my granddaughter in a few years.
Dr. Ben W., MD  Edina, MN

I have been a customer of the Country Air  for the past few years, during that time I have had the good fortune to get to know Joe and his family. Between the three or four lessons I have taken from Joe, and his willingness to share advice w/ me, my game has shown marked improvement. If golf is a game for life, then I would recommend lessons with Joe Park to any golfer who is serious about their game. Joe will fix the underlying cause of your swing problems, not just treat the symptoms of bad shots with band aids. Thanks again for your help Joe, w/ best regards;

Dan M. - Delta Airlines

Joe, The lesson I got prior to my golf trip to Florida was invaluable.  The simple adjustment you made in getting me to keep my hands moving through the swing resulted in driving more tee shots in the fairway, which, led to scores in the mid-80”s and winning three of four rounds. Needless to say, I had bragging rights on this trip.  More importantly, my fellow golfers made numerous comments about noticing a difference in my swing/game. Undoubtedly, I have you to thank.  My next goal is to work with you on the short game and putting so that I can consistently report scores in the low 80’s.  Many thanks for your instruction!
John N. - 3M

“I have taken one lesson with Joe and thanks to his very simple and easy to follow instructions that worked with my current swing, I am striking the ball much more solidly and consistently. Most importantly, my ball’s flight path has a much, much narrower range of direction. He gave me the tools to get my hands out in front of my body on the downswing in a manner that allows me to compress the ball with less effort and a much shorter, more efficient and easily repeatable swing. I highly recommend Joe as a teacher and will use him as my golf instructor for the rest of my life.”
Scott K. - Attorney

My teenage son and I met Joe during one of our off-season visits to his driving range.  My son had been having control issues with his swing, and had become very frustrated trying to diagnose and correct the problems.  We were both very impressed by how quickly Joe was able to spot the problems, and how simply he was able to explain and teach the corrections.  His understanding and explanation of the science behind proper golf swing mechanics is very easy to understand and implement.  My son was able to put Joe’s teaching into practice right away, with immediate improvement and sense of relief that he finally understood what had been happening.  I would highly recommend Joe as a golf instructor, especially to other parents of young golfers who are looking for someone they can trust to teach correct golf mechanics early in a golfer’s development.

I am a weekend golfer who definitely needed lessons. Joe works with your swing and enhance it to make it better to keep you comfortable with your swing and is not not like one of those teachers who impose their swing on you which only takes longer and is uncomfortable and you forget about it unless you keep taking lessons from them. Only one lesson from Joe completely changed my swing dynamics. Joe will show you basic concepts which are missing from your swing. After only a few modifications I was hitting 20-30 yards farther than I usually hit. Using his pointers I keep on hitting nice shots. I highly recommend Joe to be your Golf Instructor.
Islah S.

Here's a quote you could use on your website. "Joe's instruction really pays off.  It includes both conventional concepts as well as new explanations and ideas that helps each student achieve a quick execution of a great golf swing."  Thanks...
Geoff P.

"You are a  @#!*%  genius. That is the best bucket I have ever hit. .....No weight shift, ....No roll of the hands and No shoulder turn. I didn't think of any of these positions and it all just happened!!! "Wow"
Jim M.

Thanks for the video.  Anyone interested in learning to play this sport needs to spend some time with you, especially those that want to learn how to think their way thru a proper shot...Simple drills will get yourself to thinking a positive shot that in turn will lower your score and make the game fun for you. I highly recommend that you spend the time and money to try a session with Joe.
Dennis B.

RE: Perfect ! Wednesday Lesson
Thanks for everything, Love the tennis racket image and flatter back swing ideas. Played very well in AZ.
Mox  / Handicap- 3